Holland & Holland Gun Case

Sconces from
French Wine Bottle Signs

19th c. Walnut Doors

Italian Painted Lantern


Trough Coffee Table

Trunk, French blue painted

Antique French Base

Antique Basket


Framed Teak Door

Italian Gilt Ray Sconces

Portuguese Blue Plaques

Table from French Comporte Hotte


Table made from wine crates
on antique French Bistro

Console from Concrete Corbels

Mirror, Gothic Window

English Pub Table


Pair of Silver Sconces

Travertine Sink Basin

French stripped pine
and glass doors

Forged Iron Console
with Wood Top



Pair of French Blue Shutters

Antique Door Knocker, c. 1860

Antique Cedar
Campaign Bed with Inlay


Blue Painted Wood Chandelier

19th C. Painted French Buffet

Set of Unusual Shutters

Pair of Short French Shutters


Italian Carved Gilt Panels

Tin and Wood Table

Wall Console from
Single Carved Corbel

Old Window Shutters


Pair of Red Shutters

Pair of French Oak Shutters

Painted Board

European Pine
Arched Double Door


Old Iron and Wood Railing

Carved Wood Panel

Pair of French Shutters

Pair of French Shutters


Carved Wood Panels, French

Grape Hotte
French painted with emblem

Copper Salvage Floor Mirror

Swedish Wooden Workbench
With Drawers


Louis XV Style
Painted Carved Console

French Door Transom

French Marquise

Wall Console From
19th C. Spanish Wall Bracket


Building Anchor Sconces

Newel Post from
Chateau Champagne-sur-Oise

Italian Crystal Sconces
on Gilt French Doors

Swirl Column from Chile


Iron Console with Walnut Top
Made from Door Transom

Reproduction of Etruscan
Oinochoe Wine Pitcher

Reproduction of Greek Amphora
by Paolo Golia

Italian Deruta Pottery
Large Oval Bowl


Ceramic Plate from Assisi, Italy

Handmade Letter
from Antique Ceiling Tins

Handmade Letter
from Antique Ceiling Tins

Handmade Letter
from Antique Ceiling Tins


Handmade Letter
from Antique Ceiling Tins

Handmade Letter
from Antique Ceiling Tins

Hand Blown Glass Balloons
by Brian Rubino

English Staffordshire Platter
Blue Poppy


Italian Florentine Triptych

Italian Florentine Triptych

Italian Florentine Triptych

Italian Florentine Triptych


Marble Turkish Bath Sink
(2 available)

Staffordshire Footed Bowl

Tall Staffordshire Footed Bowl

Blue and White Staffordshire Platter


Painted Wine Bottle

Painted Wine Bottle

Painted Wine Bottle

Vintage Wood Stand


Amber Demijohn

Baroque Style
Velvet Table Runner

Taste du Vin

Majolica Plate with Grapes


Majolica Plate with Pears

French Books

French Books

Marble Mortar from France


Sleigh Bells

Antique Mercury
Glass Candlestick

Antique English
Mercury Glass Compote

Corpus on
Custom Forged Stand


Beer Bottle
in Wooden Crate

Copper and Brass
Ship's Wine Bucket

Movie Reel from Hollywood

Antique German
Silverplate Cup


Indian Tapestry
from Saris

Carved Sandstone
Architectural Vent

Organic Fir Wood Basket

Chimney Pot from Greece


Marble Top Sideboard

Gothic Wood Panel

French Tile with Fleur de Lis

Green Turkish Jar


European Double Doors
w/ Transom

Pair of Argentinian Corbels

Baroque Southern Italian
Floor Mirror, c. 1730

Paris Fashion Drawing,
Sepia, 1950


Paris Fashion Drawing,
Winter, 1935

Wooden Corbels w/ Cherubs
Ornately Carved

Pair of Round Wood Columns

French Iron Console
w/ Marble Top


Antique French Deux Corps

French Oak Estate Gates
with Man Door

Morbier Clock

Wicker Shipping Basket


Armoire Door

Armoire Door With Star

Newel Posts

Newel Posts


Industrial Wheel

French Tack Rack

Large White Corbel Pair

French Carved
Wooden Chandelier


Paradox Of Bling

Wine Screw Ends

European Water Color Art

Industrial Legs


Window Grate

Window Grate

Silver Trunk

Zinc Frame


Zinc Lamp

Basket W/ Ropes

Basket W/ Metal Handles

19c Italian Walnut
Double Doors W/ Transom


18c Double Pine Door

19c French Single Panel Door

Iron Sconces on
French Pilaster

Architectural Fragment


Swedish Style Farm Table

Console Made From Walnut
And Fleur Di Lys Iron

Pair of Tall Iron Sconces

French Painted Chair


Blue Bottle

Swedish Painted Baroque Table

Square Metal Bistro Table

Swedish Workbench
With Drawers


18th Century Swedish Box

Shutter Pair Bifold

Wood Arched Window

Gothic Arched
Stained Glass Window


White French Oak Shutters

Framed Spanish Tiles
With Musical Cherub Motif

Pair of Iron Crystals
and Silver Toned Wall Sconces

Single Colonial French Door


Console With Wood
Framed Iron

Iron Console With
Workbench Top

Churn Paddle Chandelier

Floor Lamp From
Spanish Panel


Marble Flame

French Moustache Iron

French Moustache Iron

French Iron Arched Window


Arched Architectural Iron

Architectural Iron Panel

Architectural Iron Panel

European Iron Chandelier


Italian 3 Tier 15 Light
Wood/Iron New Chandelier

French Blue Shutters

Paris Theatre Marquee

Pair of French Iron Sconces


French Pot

Knives with Inlay

French Glass Finial on Stand

Pair of Sconces
from Architectural Iron


Grape Hod

Piano Stool

Pair of Corbels

Swedish Basket


French Basket

Marble Bowls

18 Century
European Sconce Pair

Large Mirror From
Antique Door Surround


Italian Four Light Chandelier

Bottle Rack Coffee Table

Wall Consoles

Church Window Mirror


Corbel Wall Console

Manger Wall Console

Napoleon III Prie Deux with Inlay

Antique French Oak Buffet


Corbel Sconce Pair

Hooks With Lion

Pair of Corbel Sconces

Italian Murano Chandelier
US Wired


Colorfield Large Lidded Jar
By Wes Hunting

Large Colorfield Vessel
By Wes Hunting

Iron Chandelier

Gothic Window


European Oak Drop Leaf Table

French Fireback

Old Fence Rail Sconce Pair

French Religious Dome
With Columns


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